Deep Real-time Hand Detectoin Using CFPN on Embedded Systems

Real-time HI (Human Interface) systems need accurate and efficient hand detection models to meet the limited resources in budget, dimension, memory, computing, and electric power. In recent years, object detection became a less challenging task with the latest deep CNN-based state-of-the-art models, i.e., RCNN, SSD, and YOLO; however, these models cannot provide the desired efficiency and accuracy for HI systems on embedded devices due to their complex time-consuming architecture. In addition, the detection of small hands (30x30 pixels) is still a challenging task for all the above existing methods. Thus, we propose a shallow model named Concatenated Feature Pyramid Network (CFPN) to provide above mentioned performance for small hand detection. The superiority of CFPN is confirmed on a HandFlow dataset with mAP:0.5 of 95.6 and FPS of 33 on Nvidia TX2. The COCO dataset is also used to compare with other state- of-the-art method and shows the highest efficiency and accuracy with the proposed CFPN model. Thus we conclude that the proposed model is useful for real-life small hand detection on embedded devices.

Experimental result

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